G-Lasso Draw

G-Lasso Draw ver 1.3.2

Thickness adjustment function, bevel modifier , mirror by object alone, bulk-named modifier deletion, etc.


  • Added an option to set the origin to the cursor in the mirror option
    • Make it possible to mirror an object alone
    • Mirrored based on the viewport drawn
  • Add Bevel Modifier option
    • You can add a bevel modifier
    • Option
      • Width
      • Segments
      • Limit method
      • Avoid duplicate vertices
      • Apply Bevel Modifier
    • Can not bevel well with a mesh with sharp edges
    • If the shading becomes dirty, enabling the Weighted Normal Modifier option may improve
  • Added the function to adjust the width of thickening modifier
    • Shift + Ctrl + V
    • Do not work well
  • Added the function to delete specified modifiers at once
    • Modifiers of selected objects can be specified by modifier name and deleted in bulk
  • Add auto smooth of active object to menu
  • Add bevel parameter of active object to menu


  • Changed default value of Solidify Modifier offset to 0
  • Rearranged mirror options in menu
  • Changed the display of added keymaps for add-on settings
  • Changed the URL of the Japanese commentary site to a new one

Bug fix

  • Fixed the problem that failed when trying to execute polygonization in grease pencil draw mode with no object selected.

Demo Model

It is a model created while developing the add-on.
A model created using G-lasso Draw ver1.3.2.
Other than that, most are created by position adjustment in basic operations and shape adjustment in duplication and proportional edit.


Sweet, thanks!

When you enable and disable this addon, it adds another set of hotkeys to the keymap. I’d like to make a workspace for this so it’s going to turn on and off on it’s own and it shouldn’t do this.

edit: Well I guess the addon isn’t disabled/enabled when you change Workspaces. :frowning:

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Trying this in 2.8, but it kinda doesn’t work unfortunately. Do you have a step by step video explaining the features or some documentation? Maybe it just needs to be updated? Thanks!
Edit: Nevermind I think I figured it out. ‘Running twice’ means hitting Shift-V before and after drawing the stroke.
Edit: accidental heading

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I like the addon, but sometimes I have to uninstall it because shift+V is also to get to the vertex menu in Edit mode, and if you edit Text and want to type a capital V you have to press shift+V as well (or capslock). An addon like this where you can sketch your ideas is quite important to me.

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ver1.4.1 Bug fixes and, Add “Set Option To Selected Object” Function


“Set Option To Selected Object”
Added the ability to apply various add-on settings to existing selection objects.
It can use as a modifier setting batch function.


  • Renamed “Convert To” to “Apply All Modifier” to make it easier to understand
  • Improved visibility by blank the color of each option open / close button

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the problem that the main menu disappears when there is no selected object

  • Fixed a problem that creation failed when [New Data] of translation is enabled

    • A bug that occurred because the modifier name was translated
    • Added modifier name with modifier name
  • Support for self-made version of Auto Mirror

    • Self-made Auto Mirror (currently ver2.6.0) is supported
  • Solved the problem that the key map (Shift + V) works even when it is unnecessary, such as when editing text objects.

    • Changed the keymap category registered by the add-on
    • Grease Pencil
    • Grease Pencil Stroke Paint Mode

Known bugs

The following bugs have been discovered, but are currently unfixed.

  • Keymap cannot be disabled in add-on filter

It was a very bad problem and was fixed immediately.
Thank you for the bug report.

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G-Lasoo Draw add-on has been released to Blender Market and sales site for Japan (BOOTH)

Blender Market - $7

BOOTH - 700円

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ver1.5.0 Smooth shape formation, continuous execution, significant improvements in menus, etc.


Major changes

Many improvements and functions have been added to make it easier to use.

  • Improved menu for easy to understand
  • G-Thickness Gesture allows several modifier adjustments, voxel remesh, etc.
  • Execute drawing even after polygonization
  • Create smoother shapes
  • Corresponding to skin modifier, tube shape can be created
  • Supports Blender 2.81 voxel remeshing for easier sculpting
  • Add a pop-up menu so you can access it without opening the panel


G-Thickness Gesture allows several modifier adjustments, voxel remeshing, etc.

You can adjust the modifier of the created polygon and change settings.
You can also access all modifiers and voxel remeshing, so you can sculpt the created polygons immediately.

Keymap Function
D Adjust Solidify modifier
S Adjust Smooth modifier
X/Y/Z Switch Mirror modifier axis
1,2,3 Solidify modifier Offset (1,0, -1)
C Apply all modifiers
B Voxel remeshing
Esc Cancel and return thickness and offset to original values
Tab Toggle Keep Operating option
X + Ctrl Switch mirror options
C + Ctrl Toggle Origin To Cursor option
  • Improved speed of thickness adjustment gesture
  • If the mouse pointer is not operated on and object for which Solidify modifier was not set when the operation started , the solidification modifier will be removed.
  • When the operation is complete, if all mirror modifier axis settings are off, the mirror modifier is removed.

Continue drawing after performing polygonization with Shift + V

You will be able to draw faster and more smoothly.

  • Can be activated from the options
    • Option → Other → [Keep Operating]
  • If you want to leave the grease pencil draw mode when this option is enabled, [Tab → Tab → Delete] is quick.
    • (Edit mode-> Object mode-> Delete selected grease pencil object)

Supports Smooth modifier

  • By using it together with the remeshing modifier, you can make the mesh you create more smooth.
  • Enabled by default

Supports Skin modifier

  • Keymap
    • Shift + Alt + V
    • Grease pencil draw mode only
  • Batch change skin size from menu

Enhanced Boolean functions

  • Boolean modifiers can be maintained
  • In addition to the subtraction boolean, an option to crop to project is added
  • Add cross boolean
  • The option can be changed afterwards only when the [Keep Operating] option is enabled

Added knife projection function with grease pencil

This is useful for correcting polygonal surface errors.
When used in combination with strokes such as rectangles and circles, it is easy to use even with regular polygon modeling.

  • Active Object → Boolean → [Knife Projection]
  • There is an option to fill the stroke with a Fill

Added pop-up menu

  • Access the same panel main menu
  • Keymap
    • Ctrl + Shift + Alt + V
    • Object mode / grease pencil draw mode


  • The Origin to Cursor option is now possible even if not using a mirror
    • Added option to apply rotation value
  • When performing polygonization when there is no stroke, a message is displayed and it is interrupted.
  • Added the function to execute relax from multiple object mode and object mode
    • Especially useful when using skin modifiers
  • Added support for Blender2.81 voxel remeshing
    • Apply all modifiers, merge all selected objects, perform voxel remeshing
  • Add Keymap to sculpt mode


UI changes

  • UI grouped into active objects and options
  • Easy access to polygon creation and options from the top of the UI
  • The menu in the general :arrow_forward: is enclosed in a box
  • Property UI changed to checkbox


  • The added tab has been changed to “Tools”
  • It is now possible to change the tab for registering panels from user settings
  • One panel
    • Curve Tube Setup / Curve / Modifier panel combined with main panel
  • The simple modifier menu is now more compact so that only the necessary modifier parameters can be displayed.

Create smooth shapes as default

  • Re-mesh and smooth modifiers enabled by default
  • Auto-smoothing disabled by default


  • Dropper can be selected for Boolean and mirror objects
  • Internally divide and organize add-on files
    • Because the option name has been changed, the add-on settings of the existing project will be initialized
  • The target of modifier deletion function is now selected in a popup
  • Changed Mirror modifier setting order to avoid strange remesh modifiers

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error with AutoMirror option

Majestic! Thanks!

ver1.6.0 Enhanced convert polygon function / G-Thinkness Gesture

New How To Video

Japanese language

Enhanced convert polygon

Added option to create separate strokes

Multiple strokes can be polygonized as separate objects.
This new option [Separate Stroke] is enabled by default.

You can switch from the post configuration option.
Use it disable when you want to create one shape with multiple strokes.

Change origin setting to geometry


Added “Geometry” to the origin option and made “Geometry” the default.
This makes it easier to fine-tune by rotating it in object mode.

Changed default option settings

Changed mirror off by default .
If you want to mirror at a specific position, set the mirror target object.

  • Changed the default origin to geometry
  • Changed mirror off by default
  • Changed the layout of the main menu a little and displayed the menu for setting the object to be mirrored at the top
  • Enable Separate Stroke by default

Apply Rotate can be used even if the origin is not a cursor

Apply Rotate is disabled by default.

Added option to Remove grease pencil as after creation

You can now choose whether to delete the grease pencil object after creation.

Added option to remove unconnected parts in remeshing modifier

Added [Use Remove Disconnected] option to remove remeshing modifier.
[Use Remove Disconnected] is disabled by default.

G-Thinkness Gesture enhancements

Enhanced G-Thinkness Gesture (Shift + ctrl + V) to support multiple objects and add modifier removal.
It became a multifunctional auxiliary tool that can adjust modifiers, change objects, change add-on settings, etc.

Supports multiple objects

You can perform batch operations such as adjusting the width of the solidification modifier and adjusting the smooth modifier.

Bug fixes

  • [FIX] Fixed an error when selecting objects are merged when voxel remeshing (B key) is executed.
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue that could not be adjusted immediately after setting smooth modifier with S key.

Adding a keymap

Modifier removal is now possible.

  • Ctrl + C changed from [Origin To Curosr] option to [Copy To Option]
Keymap function
Space / Enter Confirm
Alt + D Remove solidification modifier
Alt + S Remove smooth modifier
Alt + N Remove skin modifier
N Skin modifier mode The thickness of the skin can be adjusted by moving the mouse left and right. Processing is heavy
T Tube stroke / Create grease pencil object
Ctrl + C Copy To Option Copy active object modifier settings to add-on option settings
( Changed from switching the “Move origin to cursor” option )


  • Disable auto-set solidification modifier at runtime by default
    • Can be activated from Menu → Operator → “Add Solidify in advance”
    • If you want to quickly set the solidification modifier, use Ctrl + Shift + V to execute it immediately → D key
    • As G-Thinkness Gesture has been used for other purposes, it has been disabled in consideration of cases where you do not want to set solidification.
  • Change the offset to 0 when setting solidification modifier with D key

Added the following buttons to the modifier menu

Basic operations of modifiers can now be performed in the menu.

  • Render / Viewport switching
  • Order move button
  • Apply / Delete

Copy To Option

You can copy the modifier settings of the active object and set them as add-on option settings.
This is useful when you want to adjust the thickness of the polygon to be created in the future, mirror settings, etc. to the active object.


Transform Apply & Set Origin

Added the function to apply transform and set pivot. Apply scale and rotation, and set the origin position to the object position set as mirror target.
When the origin setting option is geometry, applying a mirror modifier solves the problem that symmetry editing does not work well in sculpt mode.

  • Added ability to apply transform and set pivot
  • Added similar options for voxel remeshing post-configuration options

Added warning display

When there is no grease pencil layer, active frame, stroke, etc., when trying to execute G-Lasso Draw polygonization, the execution is stopped, a warning is displayed, and error log is not output.


  • When G-Lasso Draw is executed from the menu, the cursor is not set automatically.
    • Fixed an issue where the cursor was placed at the back of the menu when executed from the menu
  • Since the menu option classification items have increased, auxiliary options that are not directly related to polygon creation have been classified as “Assistant” .

Other-Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where panel category changes in add-on settings could not be saved
  • Fixed an issue where Weighted Normal modifier would not be set without using bevel

This is looking better and better! Great work. Hit me up if you ever want to brainstorm ideas together :slight_smile:


Just wanted to thank you for your amazing work on this addon/workflow, it’s so easy to use AND to customise for every needs. Ps. It would be a dream to see you and alksndr working together on anything: new addon, a combo of what you already have, etc. I’m a huge fan of creative/artistic/hands-on tools like you’re doing, they make Blender super intuitive and especially fast for any artistic decision on the fly, like drawing with a pencil on paper.

Well, that said thank you guys for your hard work, really.

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Is that just me, or when Remesh modifer is enabled, sometimes boolean split and difference doesn’t work? It seems to make an edge cut, but doesn’t divide objects themselves.

split.blend (1.3 MB)

Most of the time I don’t use separate stroke option, How can I make off by defaut ?

I missed the comment in this thread for a while. I’m sorry.
To turn off the “Separate Stroke” option, you can access it from the red box below

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ver1.7.0 Greatly improved main function and Boolean function / Added Screw/Curving / Radial Array / and Array, Bevel Gestures

I reviewed all features and reimplemented from scratch.
The G-Lasso Draw add-on supports Blender 2.83.

Improved menu

We have arranged the menu.

  • Added Japanese translation
  • Removed some icon menus to improve visibility
  • Curve settings that were in the operator menu have been separated into separate menus
  • Renamed the main tab from “Active Object” to “Main”

Greatly improved Boolean function

Implemented the Boolean function independently.
The BoolTool add-on is no longer needed and many options have been added.
You can create hard surface models that take advantage of Booleans.

  • You can use Intersect, Union, Difference, Slice
  • Utilize remesh modifiers and join booleans to create non-destructive meshes


  • If not in Grease Pencil Draw mode, create a Grease Pencil object so you can draw strokes immediately
  • If two or more objects are selected, the active object is the Boolean target object and the other selected objects are the Boolean objects.
  • Handling Boolean objects
    • Created in the “Cutters” collection
    • Box display, rendering hidden
    • For grease pencil objects, it will be polygonized
    • In the case of difference, it is three times as thick as the target object in order to hollow out the target object.


  • Parent
    • Parents the created object to the Boolean target object
  • Automatic smooth
    • Boolean target objects are automatically smoothed
    • In case of difference, it will be automatically enabled
  • Smooth (sort modifiers)
    • Place the additional Boolean modifier below the remesh or subdivision
    • It will be a smooth mesh
    • If this option is off, you get sharp edges
    • If Boolean mode is diff, it is disabled by default
  • Sort under the bevel modifier
    • Place the Boolean modifier you want to add below the bevel modifier
  • Fixed Boolean object
    • Always boolean to the same object
    • You can access it from Main → Boolean → [Fix Object]
  • Application
    • -Apply a Boolean modifier to Boolean objects and remove Boolean objects

Apply Boolean

Created a function to help apply Booleans.

  • If a Boolean target object is selected, apply all Boolean modifiers and remove the Boolean object.
  • If a Boolean object is selected, apply the Boolean modifier of the Boolean target object and remove the Boolean object.

G-Adjust gesture

Ctrl+Sfhit+V → D → Ctrl+V → Ctrl+B → B

The old “G-thickness Gesture” has been renamed to “G-Adjust Gesture”.
It has become a multifunctional adjustment function.

  • Supports array duplication (ctrl + V)
  • Support bevel (ctrl + B)
  • Supports curve bevel depth adjustment
    • Can be adjusted when in solid mode
  • Add tube keymap
    • T/T + Ctrl……Skin/Curve
  • Add hide (H) of keymap menu
    • The keymap menu is hidden and the menu text is smaller
    • This setting is an add-on setting. Save add-on settings if you always want to hide
  • Organize and improve source code internally
  • “Add Solidification Modifier Before Execution” option moved to Add-on Settings
  • Fixed a problem that Voxel shortcut display was V instead of B


You can create a curved tube that reflects the writing pressure of the grease pencil.
Other functions also correspond to the curve object.


  • If not in Grease Pencil Draw mode, create a Grease Pencil object so you can draw strokes immediately
  • The number of points will be automatically reduced.


You can access it from Options → Curve.

  • option
    • Resolution U
    • Bevel object
    • Bevel depth
    • Bevel resolution
    • Normalize radius


Added a function to quickly create a rotating body shape.
Stroke the stroke written with the grease pencil around the cursor position.

  • If not in Grease Pencil Draw mode, create a Grease Pencil object so you can draw strokes immediately


  • Delete the other side
  • screw
    • X/Y/Z
    • Number of steps
    • Inversion
  • Bevel modifier
  • Subdivision modifier

Array replication radially

Added the function of array duplication in a radial pattern.
Array duplication modifier is automatically set to the object for duplication, transform is applied, origin is moved to the center position, empty is created at the center position, and empty is parented.

  • If there is only one selected object, the cursor will be the center position
  • If there are two or more selected objects, the active object position will be the center position.

You can adjust the count from the menu even after setting.

  • Main → Operator → Changing the count value under Array Duplicate radially adjusts the count value of the Array Duplicate modifier for the selected object and the rotation value of the target object

Voxel remesh

  • Added voxel size setting
    • It can be accessed from below the voxel in the Apply menu
    • If this setting is 0, the voxel size of the active object is used. Default is 0
  • Supports curve objects
    • Even if there is a hole in the curve object with bevel, it will be automatically closed and voxelized

Other additions/changes

  • Changed the default mode of remesh modifier to voxel
  • Supports curve resolution with the “copy option” function
  • The “Set options” function allows you to select the addition and adjustment of modifiers separately.
  • Add front option
    • Display the grease pencil to be created on top.
    • Enabled by default


  • Removed AutoMirror option
    • This option has been deprecated as it was backward compatible with the normal mirror bisection option.

Bug fix

  • Internally improved functions and file structure
  • Fixed the problem that the popup menu (alt + shfit + ctrl + V) had an error in Blender 2.83

thanks :slight_smile:

This is absolutely incredible, thanks for the update!

I don’t understand the new way of boolean cut with 1.7, before its was incredibly fast but now i’m lost.
I make a video
how can I reproduce de 1.6 behavior ?

Edit after some test it’s ok I just need to draw differently expand a little the stroke.
nice job.

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