G + move mouse doesn't move curve control points? (edit mode)

Hi folks,

When in edit mesh mode, when i grab a vertex and hit G, then move my mouse, it’ll move the vertex.

But that doesn’t work for a control point in curve edit mode.

Anyone know if there’s some way to turn that on?

It would be great for graphic design in Blender, instead of always having to mouse over to the move gizmo.


Just a little bumpizzle on this one, anyone know how to get G +move mouse to move a curve control point in edit mode?

Is G + mouse move hard coded into Blender, or is it set up in the prefs > keymap? … if the latter, anyone know where it is, so maybe i can copy that shortcut to curves edit mode?

The standard comportment is that, G works the same way for vertices or curve ctrl points…
you’d better post your file here… keeping in it only the necessary… for us to investigate…

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OK, weird, now i got it working, i think i had some custom hotkeys that were messing with it!

I had no problem moving either end.

Thanks, i edited my post cause now i got it working!