G3 Sas

Saw a cool gun on the web so I decided to build it. Polycount is about o1200 something. Crits or any comments are welcome.


Great for a game model! Well done. Looks better than guns I’ve made…

looks nice, but that’s not a g3

Yea its G3 sas kinda looks like the airsoft model

if i were you i´d model a bit more, instead of just using normalmaps, also, i´d add an original g3 stock which also can be done in real life, the front iron sight is a bit off, try and see if you can get a close up picture of that for reference, if you cant, the g36c and mp5 have almost the same iron sights.
looking good so far keep up the good work.


Thanks for comments. I changed the model a bit where you suggested, also ill post the blend if anyone wants to use. Had to reduce the texture size also. You might have to reassign the texture


G3 SAS.blend (280 KB)