G36c Rifle WIP

My WIP of a G36c compact assualt rifle.




looks nice so far. can I see some wires?

Ah, guns. Especially H&K guns.

Looks good so far. The depth of some of the pieces is off. Don’t forget to bevel (or don’t bevel at all, personally I hate bevelling, it ruins the mesh half the time).

Wow, thats very impressive. I’ve never been able to do guns correctly. Keep up the good work, some wires would be nice. Also, a couple textures would be great (even if they’re just placeholders). Are you planning to texture normally, or are you going to UVmap it?

XrQLz :wink:

Thanks for the comments. :smiley: Ill get some wires up as soon as i can. Im going to texture it normally.


Here are the wires:


:o That gun is great :o


Nice model I might be a bit late but here are some crits:

Be sure to bevel it all and get rid of the edges at the end dont do it right now cause it will make it harder to model and all you’ll notice that.

Dont forget about the ammo magazine hehe.
I dont know if you want it to be super realistic if so model all the screws in the gun its gives the gun alot of detail and it aint that hard to model screws.

At the hole there in the gun you know near the aiming part those things shouldnt be connected like yours is.

The stock still needs to be made but I guess you already noticed that.
There is a small hole thing at the loop part like this:

The part where the trigger should be that thing beneath is way too thick.

Well im giving too much crits. If you want it realistic listen to my comments if not leave it this way its good already.


Looks nice so far! It looks like 15times better than your original guns…because its blocky and is looking close…no subd :smiley:

haha anyway keep it up


Newest Update: Model completed

Im now going to texture it so that will take a little bit to get it right. Thanks for all the comments. :slight_smile:


No no! Not completed!

There’s lots of little things wrong with the shape, I’m not sure if you want it to be as close as possible to the real gun, if so I can point them out. You also haven’t rounded the pistol grip. People seem to have a hard problem remembering to round the grip, but it has to be done. Nobody would hold a gun with a grip like that, it would hurt like hell.

Especaily when shot! :o