Gabriel's Horn


I’d like to take a model of Gabriel’s Horn (a mathematical shape) and deform it into an ever-tightening spiral. I know I can use GraphCalc to export a .dxf model of the mathematical shape, but I don’t know to form it into the spiral. To give some detail:

Gabriel’s Horn is a shape of infinite length (the graph of 1/x revolved around the x-axis from x=1 to x=infinity) but finite width. I’d like to take the shape and deform it into a screw path (of the type produced using the screw tool), but the spiral created by the screw tool should gradually narrow so that each segment is only have as wide as the segemnt directly below (one full turn before) it. My instinct was to try to make a bezier curve path, use the array modifier with an empty to create the infinitely narrowing path, and then use that as a curve modifier on the imported Horn, but I haven’t quite been able to get that to work. Is there a better way?



in 2.48 there is a new tool called deformsimple modifier i think
and there is a taper deform and twist tool
may be that should help

there is a script that does a little bit the shape you have there but as a spiral not in striaght line
is that what your looking for ?