GadgetronGreg's Animation Sketchbook

more ref:

start at 2:25 and slow down the speed.
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Ok thanks. I spent about some time and played with it. Let me know if you think it’s an improvement. I saved that reference you shared the first one makes sense (as the knee goes down the ankle extends up, then as the hips take off the ankle extends even more).

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still it’s kind of strange. Maybe it’s the starting pose that gives me the impression of awkward jumping that starts with legs wide open. like some of skyrim’s awkward animations.

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Another Facial animation practice using the Spring rig downloaded from my Blender Cloud subscription. Credit to the Spring Open Movie team for the creation of the asset. The audio is (again) from the Tak and the Power of JuJu animated series.
Thanks for looking!

So this bouncing ball is may attempt at following the new “Animation Fundamentals” courses over on Blender Cloud. The course are really cool and there are a ton of free new rigs on the site as well so credit to the Blender team for everything. This is just my first attempt, I will be doing these courses multiple times.

Thanks for looking :upside_down_face:

Same Ball but moving on down the Z axis. I had to cheat a little with the rotation to get the angle of the squash and stretch to be more accurate so I’ll try this again with a different approach at a later time.

Part 3 of Hjalti Hjalmarssons Bouncing Basics course on Blender Cloud. In the YouTube video, you can check out the motion paths which is a Blender feature I just learned about in his course. Thanks for looking!