GadgetronGreg's Animation Sketchbook

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Greetings fellow Blender users, I’m Greg and I’m a novice Blender user who’s interested in animation. I’d like to start this sketchbook as a record of my progress and as an outlet to share with other Blender users.
For my first post, I’d like to share a run cycle I made using @Itza 's “Nina” rig which I purchased on Gumroad.


She’s aliiiive! :grin:
Seriously, it’s very cool! Great animation!
Continue posting, I love to see Alex and Nina living their life!

This animation is inspired by the game Dreamworks Dragons Dawn of New Riders. Instead of lip sync animation, they show the characters with an expression while the head sways around like this.
Credit again to @Itza For the “Alex” Rig which I was able to purchase on Gumroad.


Practice climbing steps. Cred it to “punkramenaz” for their “Walker V1” rig that I downloaded over on BlendSwap. It’s a really solid rig.


I animated this kick based on a video I found on “FightTIPS” YouTube channel and credit to @Looch for the Bony Rig which I purchased on Gumroad. Although I think the result could have been much better, I would still like to record this animation in my sketchbook.


This walk cycle was done using the “Agent” rig available on Blender Cloud subscription. Credit to the original owners/creators of this character and the “Agent 327” production team. I also used some reference from one of my favorite animated films “The Nut Job” for this exercise. :sparkling_heart:


hi, good works!
One thing I want to note you on is about kick animation: mostly when you use to put your weight on your foot to do a high kick the foot turns around on the green part not red part.

And I does not turn instantly but with a beautiful synced flow
or at least that was what we learned.
also your guard (shoulder and chest position) started like " | " and ends like " \ " but it must start like " / " and end like " \ "

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Thanks for the critique! You’re right about the foot, I went back and checked the reference video that I used and this is something that I definitely overlooked. And I think I see what you mean about the “guard” too. I’m gonna bookmark the notes you made and attempt a version 2 of this kick over the weekend.

Thanks for checking out my stuff!

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V2 of this animation with some changes. Changed the way the body leans in for the kick, fixed the pivot of the left foot, and added a couple extra frames to the pivot duration. Also did a little bit more curve editing. Thanks again to @Weekend for the notes. When I went to alter the foot pivot I actually learned about a pivot bone constraint option which will help me in the future.


this is looking great.

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Rig “bony” by Looch A. Muñoz Sessarego on gumroad.

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This is my first facial animation in Blender. The audio is from Green Lantern: the Animated Series and the rig is by Nikolai Mamashev; downloaded on Gumroad. Thanks for looking!


Another walk cycle. Also using “punkramenaz” Walker V1 rig from Blendswap.


This is the Spring rig I got over at Blender Cloud. Credit to everyone on the Blender Open Movie Team for the creation of this awesome rig.


So this is my second attempt at a lip sync, the audio is from the Tak and the Power of JuJu cartoon series. Thanks for looking!


very cool stuff…its great seeing an animation sketchbook.
for the last animation, i would suggest pushing ur individual poses, as well as your mouth shapes more. dont be afraid to really open the mouth and swing the jaw around.

Thanks, I appreciate you looking through my sketchbook. I will come back and push the poses and facial animation on this character soon. I’ve been watching a lot of 3D animated cartoons lately and getting a better idea of what they’re doing with the mouth/body so I think it will help with my own stuff. Thanks again.

Here’s some stuff using @ndee Cut Out Tools 2D game animation plugin for Bender (COA Tools). I started this in 2.79 and stopped working on it when I switched to 2.8 but I went back to it now that @ndee has been integrating it into 2.8 (Thanks, BTW)! Artwork done in Inkscape everything else in Blender.



Three different animations for 1 game character in 1 file. I can’t say enough awesome things about this tool, I can’t wait for full functionality with Blender 2.8 stable version.


A jump animation i made this morning. [Bony Rig from Looch A. Muñoz Sessarego on gumroad].


Again you are wrong in the foot:

you jump with slingshot-ing your foot with the green area!

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So maybe I can fix that by adding a couple of frames: One where the weight goes shifts to the front of the foot and the second where the tips of the toe are still on the ground before he goes airborne Or at least that’s what come to mind, I’ll try it out. BTW just checked your updated sketchbook nice progress!

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