'Gagnam style Dance animation'

Hi all,
This SMILEY characters done in blender and we made this dance animation just for fun… Hope you like it…

No comments for this…???

I think it’s pretty cool and well done. It reminds me of the m&m commercials.


Any time you post something and no one replies, don’t get discouraged. It happens to everyone here.

Ha ha… that’s ok… Thanks .:cool: cheers

try make them dance to classical music

yeah you are right… they wud have look more funny if they wud dance for classical music… thanks…:smiley:

Good, but you might want to add post processing.

post processing only works afterwords.
post apocalyptic

The guy in the front’s expression (in other words, him) slowly freaked me out over the course of the video, but other than that, it was good.

They are so cute and funny…Super like.

I like it … good job, like said before: good m&m’s style !

Thanks a lot… we love to see this kind of encouraging comments here… it helps… :yes: Thank you…

we all love you and suport you. (not financially)

gangnam style, why not try the alternative from across the border. animate kim jong un dancing to “pyongyang” style.

Ha ha… Thanks anyway…:smiley:

Cute!! I kept looking at the bored female left of center. :slight_smile: Why that one I have no idea!

I could see the M&M’s dancing.

Ha ha… they are just co dancers you know… :yes: We had no strong intention to make them sad or bored looking characters… :o Thanks