Galata Tower

Hi everyone,
In this personal project, I worked together with Burak Gök who made the Galata Tower and some other props. I mainly created the topology, buildings and environment props. I gathered topology & buildings via Open Street Map data. Then I created roofs, removed some buildings, tweaked topology to better fit the scene. I placed almost all props with various particle systems using vertex group weights. Rendered in Eevee. Enjoy!


Procedural material for window glass allows to increase/decrease number of windows to be enlightened with a slight different hue & saturation:

Matcap overview:

Environment props:

Chimneys, antennas, windows, doors, post lamps, stones and pavement bollards are all placed with various particle systems using vertex group weights:

Project can also be found on my Artstation page:
Thank you for looking through!


You’re #featured! :+1:

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Fantastic work! Good Job! :grinning:

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really nice vibe going on !

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:heart: it!

I saw Kedi again yesterday. It also features beautiful sky views of Istanbul. Gets me all melancholic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the featured and kind words everyone :hugs:

@Metin_Seven It was on my watchlist for a long time, now is a good time to watch I guess. I also remembered capturing one of them at Balat in 2014 :upside_down_face: .

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Awesome! :slight_smile: I feel like LIVING there…