Galatix: WIP Browser game

Hey guys!

So here’s my latest attempt at a game, I built it to work with the 3d buster plugin which SO FAR is going great! Its built in Multitexture mode so GLSL is not required, although 2 shaders wont work on ATI cards (motion blur and contrast)… sorry guys.

Screenshots, cause I know you love’em:

There’s not much to do yet so its pretty boring, Which is where you come in! What would you guys like to see added? Any glitches? Is the game even salvageable? I want you guys to know that you’ll have the most input into this game’s outcome, and i will take any suggestions seriously. I love this community and there’s nobody else I’d rather have helping me out!

Things so far:

  • limitless universe with randomly generated solarsystems

Things to be added:

  • fun
  • ship redesigns (working with following post)
  • every ship is randomly constructed( good idea?)
  • buy upgrades/items
  • find artifacts/metals/valueable items to sell
  • MENU
  • new HUD (I know. this one is TERRIBLE)

So feel free to add any suggestions, comments, random insults, I’d love to hear what you think!

Not bad man!
what will the be gameplay be about?
I guess gunning down other ships :wink:

thats…a good question. haha so far the goal is to find the Veritum Sax, a star made of pure constructive energy that is going to upgrade your ship to the max and give you some fun weapons to play with, of course there’s going to be a 1 in 500 chance of finding it though, you know, to add some grinding addictiveness haha. Other than that i have no idea right now, any suggestions?

i like the idea of the star!
this gives the player something to aim to !!
Maybe you should add some more story for example that you have to find the star to save the earth or that you have to banish a cruel imperator or something like that :wink: