Galaxy (for Blender 2.5)

Hi, I would like to present my galaxy model.

Inspired by the M31 galaxy picture from, I tried to model a realistic galaxy. I used meshes with only vertices and Halos to create many points in the shape of a galaxy. The shape was mostly generated by a script.

The .blend file can be downloaded at

The scripts I used and documentation can be found at

All files are released under the BSD licence, feel free to use this model in your projects, just let us know when you use or improve it!


seems very interesting

the model in the file has this been done with the script ?

i can see severl objects can theses objects be transfered to another file like making a new sky with galaxies showing in background?

has this been shwon in python forum so people can find this script ?

happy 2.5

Yep, the vertices are generated by the script. It’s also possible to just copy & paste them to another project, but if all you need is a background, it’s probably not worth it (it’s a lot of vertices). A bunch of statically rendered images placed in the background would be more effective I think.

I posted some info in the python forum now as well.

i did not see any particules systems for the objects

so theses are all objects with some halo added to gie the feeling of the galaxy
but it’s big i mean is there a way to get same feeling but with less size for all objects

with something like 6 MB in size it add quit a lot to any other scene that can be made
and makes the file very big

but it looks very nice

happy 2.5