Galilean telescope and landscape

I started this about two weeks ago with the primary focus of recreating some sort of telescope. At first, modern telescopes seemed neat due to the modelling challenge, yet something rang louder with the invention of the very thing itself— and the simpler Galilean model sets the stage.

Then I had to find a place to put it while still working on it. The end-goal will be a 17th century farmhouse with a few regal fixings like stained glass, telescopes and random walls.
I’m bouncing around the different models making little changes here and there. I used a lot arrays for the beams and brick; and the shingles are only 1 pad per roof-half, so it makes editing easier for now.

I just started nailing down textures today, and am pleased so far with Cycles’ use of 'em

Pretty much every facet of this project needs some more attention, I’m open to any initial reactions thus far. My main focus currently is getting everything to scale–windows-doors–textures, then I’ll come back to modeling.

Thanks for taking a look, there will be random updates as I finish this night sky scene.