Gallery Submissions

Since I haven’t really been active in the forums since the elYsiun days, I was told that I could still submit my older art here and get feedback.
Here are my favorite three pieces I’m submitting:


Retro-Scifi Tower


I’m still open to feedback, even though these pieces were already posted on elYsiun.
Hopefully I’ll have some new art up soon!

all sweet. Oasis and Autumn rock! personally, i think the techniques are a little shy of gallery, but not the vision. once your technical skills match your visionary style, you will be unstoppable. don’t stop working at it.

Cool. Nice selection of images! They’re all nice!

Looking foward to seeing more work from you…

I agree, they are very nice images.
Keep it up!

Great images, man!

Excellent, I can’t wait to see more.

awesome works!, Oasis is the best IMO
I had seen em at elysiun, good to see you back.