Hi everybody,
this is my latest commercial project with Blender. It is a visualization of a gallery and art space in Belgrade I did for one architectural studio.
Rendered with Cycles with 750 samples in 2000x2000 and it took about 1hr 20mins on a single 970gtx.
Post work I did in Darktable and GIMP.
And Linux Mint as OS, as usual :slight_smile:


This is so beautiful and realistic, did you design it or were you given the design by the studio ?
Also I can’t spot any noise in the image, did you use a denoiser ?

Thank you very much okm1123.
I used denoiser and there are some denoiser artifacts. It could be rendered with more samples, but i wanted to test what could be the minimum which works.
It is designed by architectural studio that I collaborate with.
Actually it is a restoration of an old house turning it into gallery.



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One more shot.

Excellent work! Quick question. Can we see what this interior looks like with just your lighting and no materials? I’m Intrigued as to how you were able to capture the lighting. This is really good. Bravo!!!

Can we see lighting setup?

Hi, yes sure. I will post the lighting setup today. But there is nothing special with the lighting setup.
There a reflectors on the rail, i used the spotlight for them, light portals on all windows (at the other side of the camera), sun lamp, sky texture as environment light. That is all.
And Darktable and GIMP work, of course. Post work is very important here, but very simple too.

This one is better, i removed the too dark corners between pillars and the beam.
It happened because the laplacian filter in Darktable was too strong in that area.
Darktable is great and it is easy to work with masks there.

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This screenshot shows some information about the light setup. If I had time today I will post the rendered light setup.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Hi Bart, thanks a lot! Have a great weekend too : - )

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