Game actions related to priorities

I’m working on a game using blender 2.72. Nothing too fancy just a guy walking around. I have a range of actions that my character will do e.g walk cycle, jump,open doors etc…

I’m aware that you have to be careful with prioritising actions in the actuator logic blocks or the character will freeze.

The problem seems to be that when I turn a priority up, some actions just don’t take effect at all when the game is run. It doesn’t seem to let me increase a property more than 1. Is there a setting I’m forgetting because it never did this with previous versions. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

There is a bug in 2.72 where actions randomly will not play,

For some reason adding a Sun lamp fixes it,

As to actions, layers are very handy,

I have found though that making a action mapper python script is the most efficient and most predictible,

Name all of you sensors, like Forward, Left, Right etc

Connect all of them to a python control

import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
action = cont.actuators['Action']
Forward =  cont.sensors['Forward']
Left =  cont.sensors[Left']
Space =  cont.sensors['Space']
SenList = [Forward, Left, Space'] ## important so you know the order they will feed out in
PressedList = []
for sensor in SenList:
    if sensor.positive:

if PressedList = ['Forward']
    actu.action= "ForwardAnimationName"

if PressedList = ['Forward','Left']
    actu.action= "ForwardLeftAnimationName"
if PressedList=[]:
    actu.action= "Idle"


you can also couple this with a actuator sensor, to only allow another animation, when the action stops,

Thank you I’ll try that