Game Art Abandoned Warszawa M20

Another great this time Abandoned Warszawa M20
Soft: Blender2.47, Gimp
Render: Blender Internal AO
Textures: 3x2048x2048, 2x1024x1024+alpha

well done! was this rendered with yafaray? it looks incredibly authentic and real.

Incredible, i like this one more than the van. The textures are perfect, and all the little details like scratches and pain flaking off are amazing.

Is this rendered or a screenshot from the game engine? Im guessing its rendered, if its a screenshot from ingame ill be very very surprised.

Fantastic use of 2048px textures! Do you have any particular reference images / texture sets that you used as a base or are they all hand painted from scratch?

Just curious - trying to build up my own texture reference sets.

Perfect!! All in 7068 tris only!


Looks like one of those Norman Rockwell paintings or something.

(S.T.A.L.K.E.R. feeling rulez.:slight_smile:

Amazing …, Why can’t you put one rusty kind of back ground too. it is realy amazing

Well, what else is there to say about this? Great use of textures, complemented by subtle but effective modeling. If only it looked that great in-game. Someday…

awesome. but got to ask something is it blood under the car??

joejoe74236 -blender render internal AO, is not render yafaray.
AD-Edge -to render the internal, is not a screenshot from the game engine
BenDansie -metal texture to the photos + brushes,
a dirt, stains, rust, scratches to paint and my own collection of brushes.
krowten - it’s not blood to rust

Thanks for the comments on my work
Thanks to all for

Excuse my English is poor.

You must post this to Cgtalk! (And the your other works.)

I’ve only just realised you can actually use the five star gif.


This is absolutely stunning, I would love to see this in a scene, but it is absolutely amazing!

Just curious, how long was the render?

Amazing work, looking foward to more, and like endi said, you should definately put this on CGtalk!

That’s awesome texturing ! i love it !

Great job !

I think this can work in realtime…

Awesome, Hey man how did you manage your texture layers in gimp??? Do you know how to create a layer folder in gimp or you don´t use so much layers on it ?? good work, I agree with endi, you should post it in non-blender community as well, hug see you

hehehehe! that’s awesome! Great stuff man, great stuff.

Now i have a craving to see this in the game engine. Knowing current systems i can imagine the game footage wouldn’t be far off that. It certainly reminds me a lot of the style used in Gears of War 2.

Great work man, and as they all said; CGTalk is waiting.

Yeh i reckon it could as well. The BGE could easily handle the amount of polys, and most of the amazing detail is in the textures. Youd just have to adjust it all a little, to get it looking nice in realtime.