Game art models

Your work is extremely well textured. You really must know your way around nodes. I could almost smell the rust on this thing! Oh and the weld beads look great. My husband used to be a welder and you nailed it.

Thank you for your comment, I will tweak this oil leaks.

Thank you! I’m glad you like it. Everything was textured in Substance Painter, there’s no any Cycles’s nodes :wink:

Project is finished, now I’m working on polish TKS and Mauser K98.

Wow… this is considered to be game art? Get out of here! That compressor looks more like a compressor than the one I use for staple guns. Really nicely done indeed.

Thank you McGavish for this great artwork piece. And I’m really grateful that you’ve put Polish Blender Course logo on your model. It’s a community we are in… and it’s a huge pleasure to see how awesome McGavish’s works are!

Thank you @WaffleStrike!

You’re welcome!

It will be very quick project - Toyota 2000GT 1967

Wow. That Toyota is beautiful! Definitely finish it!

Yea, I must finish it! :smiley:


The textures put this model on the next level.

Thanks @raulgalindo!

I’m testing wheels’ material, tire comes from my previous car - Bmw e46. Let me know what do you think?

sorry for the delay
but I was looking at compressor pulley and I think saw a flaw
you now seem to have groove belt
then the sheave pulley should also be with some grooves !

but difficult to see it

happy bl

I feel I need to say something here for all the newbies out there wishing to model a car. Take note people, this is how you do it. Model the shell with as little topology as possible to allow the Subdivision Surface modifier to do the smoothing and work for you. Once you have this shell, create edge creases on body lines and subdivide the mesh down a few levels. Collapse the SS modifier and remove all creasing, you can now start cutting in details that require more supporting geometry to retain the shape.

I see too many people nowadays trying to poly-model cars piece by piece but this inevitably leads to surface inaccuracies and continuation errors between panel lines. Look and learn peeps…

Nice work fella, you should pop this stuff up on Polycount!

damn bro this is fire

Those grooves are actually to let the belt bend tightly around small pulleys.

Thank you everyone!

It’s like @blenderd said. Belts like that don’t require grooves because they aren’t timing belts in which it is neccessary.

still a very nice work
keep it up

happy bl

Hi! I’ve done stone floor texture in Substance Painter, model was created in Blender using only modifiers. So this model and textures are 100% procedurally.

You can download textures from (link in description):

What do you think?

I’m working on the interior: