Game asset catalog!

Hi! I have been working on a free 3D game asset catalog in my spare time. I would like to release these eventually on a website with CC0 licensing (website is in the works). I thought it would be a good way to help anyone needing game assets, to make a nice portfolio and to just receive critique while I learn. I want to pump out a few small assets everyday (and some big ones occasionally) that are game ready and upload them to this catalog! My latest assets I have completed are:

He has a simple rig and is ready to go!:


I have started making some basic props as well (I make these for a current game project and am just releasing them for free as I go):


also I have a rifle in the works its not quite game ready yet:

same goes for this pistol:

let me know what you guys think!

the files for the dog and a few basic assets are here:


You could make Fallout game, try spreading this on some game-developer pages, some-one might like you on their team, as Lead modeller or, designer - - There’s Unreal web-pages, Unity-engine, Cry engine developers - –

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Yea that would be awesome if I could land something like that hah, I have also been working on a soldier model recently:

hes still in the WIP stage though I should have some more models to post tomorrow!

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Have 2 more models to add!


I made these ones just .glb files they should have everything packed in them.

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Good stuff, nice models - –

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It’s really cool that you wanna give to the community as you go :beers:

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Alright item of the day! A hookah! Don’t know how useful this one will be but my current project requires it!

I had it pointed out the door is not so realistic in that the grain of the wood all goes in 1 direction, so I think I will redo that one tomorrow or something, no time right now though!

Alright I ended up making another version of the door tonight so the grain on the front and back are correct:

Wow. Amazing work. I would pay for that alien dog model, my wallet is open!

PS - I think it’s noble to release for free under CC, BUT, your time and work is valuable in my opinion and you deserve to be compensated for all you put into it.

Thanks that’s good to hear! I’m currently putting this project on hold as I found a little bit of work from these models hah! Still looking for something more stable though. I still would like to add whatever I can to it, but it will be in the future from now.

Not surprised and glad to hear! I was going to ask if I can hire you to make some assets for me as well ! Pls let me know.

Always interested! I sent a PM let me know the details through that, thanks.