Game asset catalog!

Hi! I have been working on a free 3D game asset catalog in my spare time. I would like to release these eventually on a website with CC0 licensing (website is in the works). I thought it would be a good way to help anyone needing game assets, to make a nice portfolio and to just receive critique while I learn. I want to pump out a few small assets everyday (and some big ones occasionally) that are game ready and upload them to this catalog! My latest assets I have completed are:

He has a simple rig and is ready to go!:


I have started making some basic props as well (I make these for a current game project and am just releasing them for free as I go):


also I have a rifle in the works its not quite game ready yet:

same goes for this pistol:

let me know what you guys think!

the files for the dog and a few basic assets are here:


You could make Fallout game, try spreading this on some game-developer pages, some-one might like you on their team, as Lead modeller or, designer - - There’s Unreal web-pages, Unity-engine, Cry engine developers - –

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Yea that would be awesome if I could land something like that hah, I have also been working on a soldier model recently:

hes still in the WIP stage though I should have some more models to post tomorrow!

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Have 2 more models to add!


I made these ones just .glb files they should have everything packed in them.

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Good stuff, nice models - –

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It’s really cool that you wanna give to the community as you go :beers:

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Alright item of the day! A hookah! Don’t know how useful this one will be but my current project requires it!

I had it pointed out the door is not so realistic in that the grain of the wood all goes in 1 direction, so I think I will redo that one tomorrow or something, no time right now though!

Alright I ended up making another version of the door tonight so the grain on the front and back are correct: