Game Asset - Simple Turret


This is my first somewhat serious project.
I’m working on a machine gun turret for a game. The plan is to make it high poly and then bake all that detail to a low poly model.
Currently, I have a barrel/muzzle segment mostly finished, and have begun work on the main “body” (if that’s the right term to use.

Critiques are most appreciated and welcome, otherwise how will I improve this, eh?

Those edges look too sharp.

Otherwise, so far so good!

Helloo, and thanks for the feedback!
Which edges are we talking about here? All of them or, for example, just the barrel (it hasn’t been smoothed yet) or the barrel cover?

The barrel cover… mostly those pointy corners at the back end.

It really depends on what the rest of the gun will look like, though. Any updates?