Game-Assets 2022; Showcase

Here’s a little Showcase of Game-assets i made in 2022.
Most of them were created for the - Discord Game-jam’s,
which is an open community-event to create a game together within 2 weeks time.

I created quite a few Assets for these. 22 for the Summer- and 40 for the Christmas-Jam. Most of them are vegetation.

Summer-Jam: Hell in One
A Minigolf-Museums-Game

My main-focus was on developing a procedural Leaf-shader in blender.
Which i then used, to create the atlases for these plants. (together to reduce draw-calls)
Furthermore i used geometry nodes to fasten the process, and polygon-modeling to refine them.

All 22 assets.


Here’s a little In-game footage showing some of them:

Christmas-Jam: Ho-Ho-Haulin
A Christmas-present-delivery Racing-Game

For this game our Art-Direction by Quackles3D was: wacky, cartoon-ish Assets as low poly, as possible.

We used an atlas of gradient swatches as unified palette for the whole game, which turned out to be a very pleasant workflow for this.
It also allowed to easily create color-variations in Unity, utilizing different sets of UV’s
My focus was on stylisation, whilst maintaining a tri-count as low as possible

I ended up creating 40 Assets x 3 times Color-variations.
The 39 smaller assets have a tri count of 4400 in total.
The ramp as a hero-asset, a stretch-goal of mine, is a bit more heavy with 3800 tris.

All 40 assets x3 times UV’s

Smaller Plants and birdhouses x3 UV’s

Again, i used geo-nodes, for some base-meshes, and polygon-modelling to create these, whilst it was ore on the manual modelling side this time.

Tree’s and Ramp:

Was really fun participating and creating these!
The game got really pretty and fun to play!
As you can see in this tweet:

Furthermore i made a little Geo-Scatter5 Biome for those, using random UV-picking in blender as well;
to create a quick turntable:

looking forward to the next one!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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