Game character animator and effects designer

I am looking for a (paid freelancer) concept and 3d artist with a passion for pvp game mechanics to produce 3d character animations, clothing, and ability visuals for a pvp 3rd person melee combat game.

Helps if you love PvP, hard PvE, and PUBG/APEX/warframe/PoE/The Surge. I won’t hold it against you if you play Fortnite.

Send me an email explaining which of the above games you love best, and why, and provide 3d portfolio, example character animation, and information about 3d experience. Davidj at gmail dot com

  • About the project

I am a successful entrepreneur with 30+ years experience in (non games) software development.

I’m currently in the early stages of an indie pvp third person melee caster game, spiritually influenced by warframe, naraka, and Path of Exile. Using UE4 (mostly blueprints).

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