Game Character Concept!!

Just a quick concept. I might model it once I get better at modeling lol


Cool. First face reminds me of Zelda and so do the clothes. Was this character Zelda inspired?

Heavily inspired lol I am a huge zelda fan and always liked the medieval-ish style it had quite a lot. The outfit is meant to look like a peasant’s outfit from middle ages.

Ahah! lol, Thought so. I too am a big fan of Zelda and Medieval style games similar to it. Iv thought about modeling Zelda before but my character modeling skills are…terrible xD. If you do start modeling this character, please post a WIP! Id be interested in seeing the progress of it ;).

Awesome, another Zelda fan!!! XD

lol dont feel bad, my modeling skills are pretty bad too. I just started to get into modeling till recently(about 2-3 months ago). I’ll try to model it tho, it will be good practice =]

Great, look forward to seeing it. Well, iv been at blender for about 1 1/2 years so i should be able to model a character I just wasnt that interested in character modeling as i was with inorganic modeling (weapons, cars, buildings etc…). I guess its never too late to start though :slight_smile:

Lol definitely, you can always learn new stuff. You just need a strong will and a ton of patience lol mostly patience

Hmmm… you’ve definitely got a good start here. however, the hair in the second one is a little iffy.