Game Character Design

I am working on the main character for a Prototype like 3rd person action game. I just want some feedback on what I should do to improve it before I move on to go farther.

the hood looks puffed out a bit too much, and the line between the jeans and the shoes is a bit rough but otherwise its a very nice model

Thanks. The critisizm is well taken and I have been planning on fixing that, I believe it to actually be an issue with the idle animation as the model looks fine doing other things. Any other thoughts on what I should do with this model would be greatly appreciated, I will probably be posting an update video soon with all of the locamotion mechanics down.

Here is a video of how the systems work, if you have any crits on that too that would be great.

Wow, did you animate the jump yourself? That’s pretty cool!

Amazing jump

i really like it

Currently, all of the animations are done via altered motion capture animations, so no, none of the actual animations are done by me at the moment.

For other animations that I cannot find, I am looking at getting a cheap, (under $200) mocap system with either the kinect or playstation cameras. Can anyone suggest anything that I might be able to use?

that looks really amazing… about the kinect i have used it before and you can see the results i got…

and i was to give and advice it would be to use 2 kinect’s or more if you can one in front of you and one behind you to a side tilted downwards… or any other way depend on how much space you have to work with also the kinect will work better the less thing their are in its view… good luck if you want to ask more please let me know

What software did you use to capture the movement, it looks a little jitterey, but overall it was a cool test. Also, is there any way to do mocap on the fingers as well, thanks for the advice on two kinects, that was what I was planning to do but about the placement I had no idea, thank you.