Game Character WIP

Hello. I have not posted anything in this section of the forum for sometime now. I right now am working on getting a game started. Ill probably start some time next year I have a model for a male torso Its the best one i have ever made Tell me what you think…If anyone has any good tutorials on how to unwrapp that would be useful also There is no thing to upload the image…So when i get my image uploaded ill post it SORRY ALLRIGHT…Sorry for the inconvenience and just a render

Dude, where’s your pic? :confused

Edit: Its there now.

All Right i got pictures up sorry for that guys

Anyone know how i would add legs to this?

Okay i am working on away to figure out how to add legs to this But if anyone knows how…Please TELL ME!

I usually split the bottom of the torso in half and merge it with a circle to make it somewhat round. Then I extrude it from there. But who says this is the right way?!!??? It works for me.

Hmm…I dont really understand what your saying.

I’ll post some pics here in a few to show you what I mean. Hang on…

All right.Thank you man

Here’s a real simple person.

I scaled the last loop along the Z axis to 0 so it lines up with the crotch.

Then I select the two vertices that are in the middle of the crotch and make an edge there with F.

Then I subdivide the edge and select the bottom loop and the new edge, then deselect one half of the loop and Shift-S Snap->Cursor to Selection and add a circle with as many verts as you’ve got selected(check the top menu bar right next to the version thing). Scale it til it fits the like so.

Now I select both the circle and what you had selected before and Shift-F Fill it and Alt-J to removed tris if you want.

Now extrude from the circle just like normal. And repeat Steps 3 and 4 on the other side.

Hope you get it now!

All of the attachments were unavailable

They are for me?

What the hell… My computer is being really stupid.

You think you could use like Photobucket or imageshack?

No, cause its more to worry about. My computer is so secure its not even funny, so using that would be a major pain in the rear. Did you click on the links, cause the images wont show, maybe I’ll edit the post and try to figure it out.

Edit: got them working, uploading problem.

All right. Thank you… sorry for all the trouble.
The images work now…Thank you