Game Characters


I have a person working with blender to create clothing for game avatars. The avatars were created in blender and have Walking & Sitting animations. They are being used for a browser-based virtual world type game. This new artist is using blender to create clothes, but is having trouble rendering them to fit the avatars.

What we do, is design clothing or hairstyles in Blender, and render them out in 2D (isometric) views and use individual png frames to create the animations in Flash. When he renders the clothes for lets say the Walking Animation, the clothes are slightly off the position of the avatar walking animation, so when we put the clothes on the avatar it looks weird.

What would be the best way to do this and make sure the clothing and hairstyles are properly positioned on the avatar animations? We need to render everything individually so the avatar would have to be hidden… I may also be willing to pay someone to do the job of rendering this out properly if anyone is interested. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

So it’s kind of like those kids “puzzles” where you take the “naked” bear & put the cloths on them to put have the bears dress up different every time? Neat idea.

If it were me, I’d have my base avatar setup. Render that out. Setup your clothes (on a separate layer would be handiest). Do all your cloth sim, etc. Then change the material on your avatar to have an alpha of 0. This will causes them to be blank, but as long as you don’t click the “Ztransp” button it won’t be see-through either. So you can then render out the cloths & they should fit exactly over your avatar.

I’m always looking for an extra few $$ to help develop my stuff so feel free to PM me if you want.