Game comp - Emily's Observatory

In the Game forum the second contest is now in progress, this time the goal is to create a room with less than 3001 triangles. I made an outside view of a house for Luna (a team I am working with) last week and I will create the inside of one of the rooms for the competition. The room is the observatory, which looks sort of like a cannon or something from this render, but it is a telescope.

I did some quick modelling, and it is way way under the 3k limit right now because I don’t intend to go over 1000. Most of the game will have 2d rendered backgrounds, so my characters are hi-poly. For this reason I am keeping the realtime 3d rooms I make as small and low-poly as possible.

In no way was this copy/pasted from the original concept… In the concept that telescope is just a cylinder with a filled in tip. I modelled this inside the space where the room would be and then deleted the rest of the scene and proceeded from there, recreating the telescope, dome, and room, and then adding the rest of the objects you see there.

I’ve spent the last three hours creating an image in my head and the model on the screen. Figuring out how I wanted to mount that telescope and get the viewer up to it was tricky… the space is 3 stories tall.