Game Content Contest #02 (Voting CLOSED)

Game Content Contest #02

Topic was Military Vehicles

Notes: First off, I am assuming interim responsibility for the Game Content Contest. When nfollmer gets back on the forums, I will gladly give it back to him. It looks like his company is working on a Sept 30 th deadline for their game, so I bet he will be busy till them.
Normally, voting will be from Saturday to Sunday. However, since this is a special case, the voting this time will go until Midnight (GTM -4:00) Monday Sept 1st. The Winner of this contest will pick the topic for the next.

Good luck to all,


The Last Rookie: “Hummer” (920 Tris)
Image Link:
Blend file

VampireGrrl: “Tank” (613 Tris)
Image Link:
Image Link:
Blend File

mack:UFO” (366 polys no tri count given)
Image Link:/uploads/default/original/3X/0/5/05965116ce4ee93a1a8a57c2cd4d8241360c86d7.jpgd=1215674106
Image Link:/uploads/default/original/3X/6/e/6e8e1482995fd0630e540cff986942daa7232823.jpgd=1215674106
Blend File

AD-Edge: “LSV - Light Strike Vehicle” (~1400 Tris)
Image Link:
Image Link:
Image Link:
Blend File

mack: “jetbike” (360 tris)
Image Link:/uploads/default/original/3X/c/3/c37142b1619504acf140bdf877183cb04058df78.jpgd=1215838562
Image Link:/uploads/default/original/3X/d/3/d3be5e157cdd0108878ca2d4267ab48c467ecbce.jpgd=1215838562
Blend File

Good to see this thread finally up! Long live the Game Content Contests!

The format looks fine btw Matt, very easy to view the entries etc.

heh, yea that tank is pro

it would just feel wrong to vote for myself XD

i like the light vehicle

Yeh i voted for the tank as well! I never vote for myself. :yes:

I am going for the tank too. I like the funky textures, even though they would not be very good camouflage. Now, lets hope we find at least one more person to come vote and break the tie that I just caused between Ad-Edge and VampireGrrl.

hahaha i suck =]

I sort of did the textures as a joke before, everyone else has textured vehicles so I just slapped them on, I guess it’s a good thing I posted it, thanks for the vote. ;p

I’m very happy to see this voting thread finnally happen. :slight_smile:

I do have a question though… what if say Mack gets 5 votes for his jetbike and 3 votes for the UFO and AD-Edge gets 7 votes for the light strike vehicle, does Mack win or do they have to be on the same model?

Btw if I had two votes I’d go for the jet bike, looks like it would of been hard to texture, but you did a great job, Mack. :slight_smile:

@Mack: You don’t Suck. I like the Jet Bike. I just lean towards weirdness, so the textured tank caught my eye. Hell, I am the one that sucks, I never even finished the model that I started for this contest.

@VampireGrrl: The “rules” state that you can add multiple entries. But, we are voting for a model not a Modeller. So, in a way Mack is competing with himself. In your example, Ad-Edge would Win, because his model would have more votes than any other model.

I like the Light Strike thingie. So whens the next contest going to be? because fuck a duck! I WANT IN! woOt

umm… what he just said. ^

Voting ends tonight. Then I will need to get a new topic from the Winner. So, I will hopefully get the new contest started sometime tomorrow (Tuesday).

One Question for all interested parties. Do you all want the next contest to only run the remainder of this week, or do you want to make it run 2 weeks?

Id be up for 2 week challenges. Sounds like a very good idea, there would be more entries that way (hopefully). Also perhaps extending the voting times? Perhaps a 3-4 day vote? Although that might be a bit to much…

oh thanks =]

and yea two weeks would be good, i can only get on(blender) every once in a while so it would be good to be able to spend more than 30 minutes on one of these XD

Go with two weeks! I start School Tomorrow =( (in 8th grade)…And that will cut back some of my time…

PS.Do the entries have to be Textured?

That is what I was hoping. If we give this contest more time, we can maybe get more entries and give everyone more time to texture their models. That is why I didn’t enter this time, is that I could not finish my texture in time.

I think we can do a timeline where the contest will start on a Tuesday with entries do the following Friday by Noon (GMT -4). I will then get the voting thread up as soon as I can (sometime afternoon on Friday) and let voting run until Noon Monday. This will give approximately 2 weeks to model and texture and then approximately 3 days to vote.

So The models do have to be textured???

And Matt that is a great plan! So Will we start a new modeling thread TODAY?? OR Tomorrow?

Do it today, I can’t wait till tomorrow.

The new thread will be stated as soon the voting ends (like 8 hrs from now) and I can get a new topic from the winner.

@LGB, the Models do not have to be textured, but so much of the look in a game model is from the texture, it just seems better to me. I guess if you have a detailed NexGen model, you could carry a look without a texture.

Why dont you just close the voting…i think ADE won…But i could be wrong