Game Content Contest #2 (Tank)

I didn’t get to finish this tank in time, so I decided to post it. It’s definitely not my best piece of work, but I thought you guys might enjoy tinkering with it. It’s not finished and it’s above the set poly count, but I had fun making it. :slight_smile: I hope this would encourage more artists to join in on nfollmer’s contest on monday. (I won’t be able to because I’m in the path of Hurricane Gustav and I’m almost guaranteed that I won’t have power for at least a day)

The texture is more unfinished than I would like :(. Meaning that it’s kind of monotonous and boring.

file (13.7Mb): Tank.blend


P.S. Don’t worry Nickadimos, I’ll be using your file hosting site soon. :smiley:

Hey neato! that is a nice sherman!? The textures are fine, ive been around a lot of tanks they are boring texturewise anyway… so yours is pretty nice.



haha, na, it’s not a Sherman. I could (and probably should) model one though. That would be nice.


whats the contest?