Game contest rules

(saluk) #1

Besides the theme which is still being decided upon over at, here is an early rules proposal:

  1. All entries must fit the theme, if it’s not obvious please explain how it fits. It’s up to whoever is in charge if it really fits the theme, submissions which do not won’t be eligible to compete. (Although you can still release the game and let everyone ooo and ahhh)

  2. The contest will end January 3 at noon pst (this is subject to change). If any team is really close to finishing but can’t quite get it in in time, there will be some leeway. Just make sure you let the person in charge know:)

  3. Teams may work on the games together, no more than 3 people per team.

  4. You may use textures, models, sounds, and other non-game resources from elsewhere. You may use other peoples published python code, but if it’s a signifigant amount, that person is considered part of your team. All logic bricks and most of the game python should be your own.

  5. If it’s too large, it may be more dificult to host and download, so try and keep it small. Under 10 megs would be good, if its larger than that it will be too hard to handle. If you compress your sound files and use smaller textures, that’s a good way to limit size.

  6. All games MUST be submitted in their .blend form, they can be in 2.23 or 2.25 but mark them as such. If you would like, you may also submit plugin and/or exe versions.

Add on to this as needed

(Peter) #2

Sounds fine to me. What about the lenght of the game?
I still don’t think that we well be able to do full games, at least not any good ones. One level, a demo sounds more of a reality to me.

(wes1) #3

It would be cool if the dealine would 20 december 2002 and the winner will be anounced on 31 december

to day I’m going to make the Page On about the contest and rules.


(Abracsis) #4

The Genre or theme Title makes it a little interesting and is a starting point to give some inspiration. I believe that a Judging catagory should be “In keeping with theme a?”

As for game length that needs no specification. People will do what they can. It is likely to be one or two levels long, but they could be complete in a few months.

It seems that when people work in teams they are more ambitious, and relie on other to complete the project. I forsee a lot of unfinished demos being released at the end, but people should brace for that. The most likely to be finished are the solo projects that aren’t too ambitious.


how does the jury stand on cross genre games, for instance an RPG where you play a race driver character, walk around your world, and occasionally have t enter races?

(saluk) #5

Hey, I’m all for cross-genre, that’s kind of why I lean more to using a theme based aproach. Obviously, most of these games will be short one-level (or partial level) demos, which is ok. To give everyone a fair chance:

  1. All games will be judged based on the first 10 minutes of playtime, so make sure you make these 10 minutes count!

this could end up pushing people who want to do longer games to slack off after the first ten minutes, however. But I think it’s reasonable. Yeah, teams usually are a bit too ambitious, because you never know how much you can trust your team members to complete their part, so you end up slowing waaaaay down.

(Pooba) #6

I don’t like this rule at all, it should be at least the first 1/2 hour, what if you have introductionary movies, or the beginning of the game is just introducing the storyline? This might make people make a bit longer games, and really nice ones.


(lizard809) #7

nope to rule #7, this will just make everyone WANT to make only 1 or 2 level games and i want to see longer ones. i say the bigger the better for game length as long as it is all enjoyable and well-made. lets see some complete games come out of this contest.

(saluk) #8

Ok, first half hour. Lets see some LOOOOOONG games:)

Lets not worry about how long they are, and merely judge them on how good they are. If your game is a half-hour long intro, plus 5 minutes of gameplay, your gameplay rating will be based on how good that 5 minutes is. Your presentation value will be based on that half-hour long intro.

But, new number 7:

  1. All games must have a reasonable amount of gameplay. Any average gamer should not be able to complete the game in anything less than a half hour. We are judging games here, not intro.

  2. All games will be judged based on these criteria, in this order of importance: Fun factor, Originality, Control, Use of theme, Lastability, and Presentation

(lizard809) #9

can we have more than one game per team?

(Pooba) #10

What about graphics?

And who is judging? If everybody makes a game, theres no one to judge…


(ineedanewbi) #11

remember the blender F1 challenge?
we should all have a certain amount of points to vote or something
i guesse u could say its “fair” seeing that every1 votes and not just 1 or 2 ppl

(saluk) #12

I kind of lumped graphics in with presentation, which covers graphics and sound, but they could be seperate.

I don’t know HOW the judging will work to tel you the truth. I was thinking, if everyone can only vote for games that aren’t their game it will work (cause they will vote top EVERYTHING for their own game anyway).

We could either have a few dedicated judges who don’t submit their games, or just be fair and judge everyone else fairly. But if everyone were to judge all other games the lowest marks possible in hopes of theirs getting high, we would end up with a tie for worst game ever:):):slight_smile:

I think we should have a dedicated judge or several dedicated judge. But that person cannot submit for the contest. Or supply any of the teams with help of any kind. So I better not be the judge, cause youll have to look elsewhere for help:)

I don’t know. Is there anyone who wants to be the judge? I would much rather have multiple judges than just one. Perhaps we just do everyone voting, but not let any participants vote. That would be most fair.

(cluh) #13

I would like it if everyone could vote. Like all the people who aren’t entering a game.

(Abracsis) #14

Saluk. I think those criteria for judging are bad. not because presentation is least important and thats what im best at Cough. :slight_smile:

There should be an open vote. Anyone who’s a member of However. The votes should not be displayed during the vote, like a poll. Because i think those who create the games should be able to vote too. but not strategically!!!

Can we not trust each other to say which we find best in the criteria?

But we shouldn’t be able to vote for our own.

If there are strictly judges there has to be at least 5. else it would be on personal preferences rather than a general opinion.


(OmegaPrime1) #15

I think when the games are done a polling system should be set to detemine the winner(s) and they should be in categories(ex. sports, action, driving…) this could allow for easier and faster results.I certainly
can’t wait for the great future gamecreators to show us some of their great stuff!