Game Crashes on Scene Change

In my Air Hockey Game, the game runs perfectly fine on the computer I developed it on: Windows XP; Nvidia GeForce 7200LE; Blender 2.49

I’m using my game as a 4-H project also, so I need it to be portable to get it judged. I borrowed a laptop from somebody, thinking I could run the game fine on it. That was not the case. Blender seems to crash randomly on scene changes in game.

Laptop Specs: Windows XP; Mobile Intel 945GM; Blender 2.49

When I change scenes (Example, going from the main game to the menu) or adding an overlay scene (Example, adding a pause menu overlay) it will crash.

Blender won’t crash every time though. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t. It usually crashes at least by the third scene change.

And I know that the GPU doesn’t support GLSL. The game is running in MultiTexture mode.

If a file is needed to look at some things, I can upload one, even though I didn’t want to release it until about next week. I can if it’s necessary though.

P.S. Judging is on Tuesday, so this is a bit urgent.

Thanks guys!!

This is difficult to discover. I would say it is a driver problem. What GPU (graphics chip) is in the Laptop?

It’s a Mobil Intel 945GM. I mentioned it in the third paragraph.

I can try to update the drivers. It looks like they’re the original ones, from 2005. There could have been a bug fix for something like this. I’ll post my results in this thread.

EDIT: Got updated driver from the dell website. No change.

i can guarantee you that the problem is with the intel graphics driver coz i also witnessed similar crashing experience on my friends pc

I gave the game yo frankie to my friend who has similar hardware configuration that of your friend.the game run but crashes after a the ‘play’ button is clicked.

I tried updating but it was of no use

Here is the weird part; the game runs smoothly after uninstalling the driver(you can also try this out too!)

It is the problem with native intel drivers.:spin:

You better use a good graphics card,coz thats the only way that i see.

What kind of procedure does the judging use? Do you have to provide the game on a computer you obtain, or do you have to let them install it on a machine belonging to them? Cause if it’s the first, you could borrow a different laptop (or even rent one from one of those technology rental agencies).

Judging isn’t a strict procedure or anything. I can show it however I want, but it would be much more impressive if I could show the game in action instead of a video. I think I might bring my entire desktop in. Not ideal, but at least I know it would work then.

None of the judges have computers (At least not with them) I also don’t know anybody else that has a laptop that I could borrow. I live in a town of less than 2,000 people, so there’s no technology rental places around here lol.

I’m actually a bit of an oddball with all my technology stuff. I don’t even know anybody that can write a line of code. :frowning:

I don’t think uninstalling the driver would be a good idea. When I built a computer once, I forgot to install the graphics driver, and it couldn’t even run a regular screen-saver smoothly. So even it that did fix the problem, it would probably be running at about 2fps.