GAME DESIGN HELP - Is my project possible to do in Blender?

Hi everyone, this is my first post, hope you can help me with a decision. :slight_smile:

I am a hobbyist in the 3D world, not a professional, but i have a great amount of technical knowledge in the digital world, been learning about 9 years or so, and i am fascinated by it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the principles of modelling, texturing, rigging, baking, sound design, music composition, so i got all the tools needed for my decision,I have used, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Maya, ZBrush, and finally got my hands on Blender,

So, here is my request: :evilgrin:

I am a fan of games, and i discovered that you can make games with Blender, and i saw some great games on youtube, little graphics but some solid mechanics, so i was wondering if i could make the game of my dreams…

Can I make a little 3D game close to the old Fallout games(just for reference), with these mechanics in Blender?

  • List inventory System. (A list of your inventory items, separated by filters, such as food, weapons, ammo. [pretty much some sort of database in Blender to separate all this information?])

- Equip/Unequip items System.
(Much like a RPG character gear window, where it’s like a UI window for you to equip armor, gloves, boots, etc.) :frowning: -the problem i found with this mechanic that i want, is how can you change the meshes in-game, like you use a glove, the mesh where the fingers are, change to another mesh, but can still be linked to the same armature, in the case, the player.

- Skills and Levels System.
(Much like the old Fallouts, where you have that classic panel with skills, levels, xp. -This can be easily achived manipulating variables[properties] i assume.)

- Zombie-like AI. (Enemies will search for you using some sort of navmesh? To navigate around obstacles and walls.)

- Dialog System. (A clickable-text Dialog system, almost the same as the Old Fallout’s in-game Dialogs, a couple of texts in a UI where you can click.)

- Save/Load System. (Like all games need a save/load system, where you can save all the variables and extras of the game.)

Woa, that’s a lot isn’t? :o

But i am willing to spend the next years trying to do that, either through Python or using only the Logic Bricks.

So the final question is: this project is achiavable in Blender? :cool:

-Of all the things i listed, I consider the most difficult and uncommon thing to do in Blender, to be the list-inventory equip/use items, which i haven’t found a solid tutorial about it.

I personally would not recommend you BGEngine, because with inventory and dialogue systems, You’ll have a lot of problems = little fun more frustration.:slight_smile: Try Godot engine or the Unity engine, I enjoy with Godot and is a great.
Good luck with the projects

I have already made most of the systems for my own game, but have yet to make a dialog tree.

yes it is totally possible (like fallout 1 or 2)

fallout 4 would or new vegas would require a massive team.

I already have inventory

and Mistran should probably find a new forum.

I actually have a unique inventory per actor with the ability to swap actors you are controlling, and I already have a “falloutish” navigation system, and have made a jrpgtemplate I could adapt to do the combat turns/moves…

in short, I have most of what you need laying around.

Yeah it is possible to do this sort of thing. I am making an RPG style game and I have an inventory that uses keyboard to navigate. I will also have a dialogue system. Yes, there will be frustrations. As Mistran said, and from what I’ve seen, Unity and Godot def have some elements that would make inventory and dialogue easier, as in how to handle text and buttons, but BGE can also do it.

With BGE, for a dialogue or inventory system, you’ll most likely end up using text objects. Instead of buttons you use Cubes or some sort of polygon, which can be turned invisible and parent an image for the button. You’ll be using dictionaries to handle your inventory, and the way to go is having dictionaries inside of dictionaries e.g. [‘items’] -> [‘sword’] -> [‘name’] by using dictionary.values()

As for the scrolling bar, well I don’t have a scrolling bar so I couldn’t say, but what automatically comes to mind is you have an empty which is the first item in the scrolling list. When you fiddle with the scroll bar, it moves that object up or down on some axis, which changes which children buttons to the empty object are visible within the bounds of the screen. So on second thought it’s not that complicated.

Anyway, I hope you end up choosing BGE because it’s actually a sweet environment! Good luck

I have scrolling bar technology :slight_smile:

in soviet Russia this technology is having you.

and it can be setup to display whatever amount of options and flips from end back to start :slight_smile:

and this

wrectified needs a good artist, but even though it’s not finished I still share tests and assets etc.

Simply said, Yes all you want is possible.

lol you dont even have to script everything most is done already at resource section of the forum. Like inventories, save and load, weapon switches, xml dialog trees (very easy and handy), stats not really in the resources but its just adding +1 to a property (easy to build), level/xp not hard once you now the logic behind it(like having a nice formula for the xp to convert it into levels), zombie ai, is also there.

It really depends on your skills. you can make them all yourself if you know python basics.

just because I use physical categories in my pecs system does not mean I would use that approach here

I did that so parents could easily edit the system one day**

you can only show X parts of a list pretty easily
(creating objects and setting properties in those objects)

this method means the system uses no resources per frame*.
unless something changes :smiley:

Wow :eek:,

I really didn’t expected to receive so much feedback on my request, :slight_smile:

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

I know can start building my game from this foundation, you guys just breaked apart all the mechanics i wanted, :yes:

@Mistran - I am gonna stick to Blender for now, just because i think it’s awesome to model your game art and build your game logic in the same program.:evilgrin:

I had a good first impression from this community,

Happy blending! :ba: