Game designer looking for freelancer to make hi res 2D terrain tile

Hi, I have a small team working on our first game. We’re in need of a hi res, seamless 2D tile (or set of tiles) to simulate wasteland in Unreal Engine 4. The tile we’re currently using is too pixelated when scaled up in Unreal. Designs that feature cracks and scorch marks are welcome. Screenshot 1 shows the tile stretched onto the terrain.
Screenshot 2 is the current tile, which is 1024 x 1024. You can see the texture loses detail.

Please let me know your costs and estimated time it would take when replying, with links to your previous artwork - this doesn’t necessarily have to be tiles, more an idea of your level of expertise.

You can dm me, or contact [email protected] with offers or reply here for more info, so others can learn without duplicating questions.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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