Game engine character animation crashing

The model’s blend file is in 2.78a the picture of them is below

every time i try to play the animation it crashes, after the first time it crashes, whenever i try to reopen the file it keeps crashing for a short while until it stops. even still it won’t let me play the animation. is there anyone who can help me with this problem any help will be very useful to me thanks.


I guess you better open a ticket in the Blender bug tracker.

sorry for not being helpful but,
I build that little cowboy as well from the tutorial really helpful

ps: did you try it at Blender 2.78.x?

Sorry the file is in blender 2.78 not 2.79

from what i can remember, animations in the bge dont work in 2.77, and get really broken in 2.78.

i use 2.74 i have no problems.