Game Engine Demos on BlenderNation

Just looking at Mike Pan’s Game Engine demos on Blendernation. The Gallery one is interesting but for me spoilt by the lack of anti-aliasing. The spinning title thing shows it up particularly noticeably.
Just wondering if the lack of anti-aliasing is a limitation of the Blender game engine renderer, or is there another reason for this problem ?
Thanks for any info

This is the current game engine renderer I think. There are a few developers which are trying to get Ogre working with blender’s engine which could result in more advanced Graphics rendering options in the game engine, but for as far I know now, there’s no work around with really fix it.

Basicly anti-aliasing is a feature where a screencapture it made, blurred at a certain amount and put on top of the game screen with alpha on it if I’m right, well this is how they do it in the game industry, same is done for bloom effects. Maybe there is a way to archive this with python, remember Blender’s engine isn’t always limited to it’s own features, python can solve a huge amount as well. But I’m not sure if you can fake anti-aliasing with an external python script, althought it would be really awesome if it could.

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Actually, alot has to do with your graphics card. In all reality, hardware-based AA is faster and is used in nearly every commercial game. For example, blender games on my system ARE anti-aliased…because of my graphics card.