Game Engine Help Needed

For our highschool class we are compiling different projects into one, and are making a game. It’s turning out nice, so far (A first-person shooter with elevators and a giant meat grinder). But for the life of me there are two things that I can’t get to work.

1. Tinted Windows. I’ve tried both halo and partial transparency, neither of which work in the game engine. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there another technique used for the game engine?

2. Walk Cycle. We have made a walk cycle that should work. We built it on the timeline, and added as an f-curve in logic. The first several tries didn’t work, and the second, the armatures moved correctly but the mesh virtually exploded, going everywhere in an incomprehensible mess.

Sorry for noob questions, and my current inability to give back to the community. Thanks in advance.

  1. To see options for the game engine, select “Blender Game” at the top instead of “Blender Render”. Enable ZTransp (in the materials panel) and then turn the transparency down.
  2. Make sure the mesh is set to “No Collision” - this is in the Physics panel, which should be the right-most button on the properties section (where all of the buttons are to select what you want to change).

Okay, the windows worked. Thank you SolarLune. My friend will work on the walk cycle and see if the no collision walk cycle works. Thanks again.

the armature must be the mesh parent

virtually exploded, going everywhere in an incomprehensible mess.

Describes most of my BGE projects :smiley: