Game Engine Laser

Hey Blender Artists, could someone help me in how to make a Blender Game Engine Laser? I have been researching the internet for a laser, in the game engine (as a weapon), but haven’t found a sucessful one though. Could someone give me some tips how to make one? I already know that you can use a laser texture on a plane, and use that as your laser, but I am looking for a better version of one. I don’t care if it is python or just logic bricks. Thanks.:slight_smile:

Well, “better” is subjective, so … One way to do it, is to draw a red line across a shooting ray, accounting for the hit position (if the ray is hitting anything at the time).

You can make prettier effects on top of that concept, but that would be the basic idea.

Example is attached; hope it helps.


simple_laser.blend (190 KB)

Want a laser point, or a laser beam? For a laser point, make a plane alpha-mapped with a laser point image, and place it at the hit position of a ray, aligning it along the normal of the hit face. For a beam, I think an elongated plane with a laser image is the best way.

I combined these two methods to make the laser in this video. The beam turns on at 56 seconds in:

Thanks for the help. You have given me more options for a laser. How would I use a laser though, to cause damage to a player’s health?

Social, tanks for the blend. I think it will work great on my tank; keeps me from having to make a reticle, hooked to the barrel, etc.
Mind if I use it?

:smiley: Nice example Social :smiley: +1 to Tricks