Game Engine lighting question

I’m making an interactive walktrough. It’s an underground level of the building, concrete material on walls, floor and ceiling. And in general it’s all OK.
I have set the materials up with a photo texture first, then baked them to the UVs, and voila… interactive concrete walls. But… the view I get in the .exe is a little bit darker than in the viewport, and darker than on my test renders before baking the UVs.
What am I doing wrong? What is the trick to set up the global lighting in Game Engine? For this project I will probablly do some postwork on the textures I baked but I’d like to avoid such extra work in the future.
The scene has no lights at all, it’s rendered (and baked) with AO, energy set to 1.3, environement is set to white color.
screenshots show the .exe view, the test render, and the Blender vieport.
Tips, tricks, tutorial links, any knowledge… all is welcome.


one way to “post” control “lighting”:
select your object press V key ( solid mode view) to enter Vertex Paint mode,
now in the Editing buttons you’ve Mul: and Gamma: fields
To lighten your object set for ex Gamma ( the functions are inverted I guess?)
to 1.1 and press the Set button until you’re satisfied
To darker set it to 0.9 for ex.
Mul will intensify the contrast.

If you have no lights in the scene make the materials shadeless.

Great question, thanks for the answers too.

Thx a lot for responses
The vertex Gamma worked so well that it gave me some thinking and led me to yet another solution. My materials all had the default grey color, changing it to white did the job :slight_smile:
I did not manage to get it right with setting “Shadless” for materials but i’m not giving up on this, PSK131 any sugestions why simply checking “Shadless” didn’t make any difference?

in the vertex paint controls we have a new script that will bake the AO to the vertex colors too, this might help you out in some cases

What? a new script, where???

Found it, thank you.

I forgot to say that the default texture blending mode ‘mix’ doesn’t work correctly when ‘Use Blender Materials’ is checked. That’s why setting the material shadeless made no effect, because it already acted as shadeless. To enable lights use some other blending mode or uncheck ‘Use Blender Materials’. (Note that shaders work only with Blender materials.) See my post (#9) in this thread for details:

I don’t know man, but if I were you, I would keep it like it is…it looks nice

Thx for all the clues once again
As for AO I already baked full UV’s using AO, but will definitelly have some fun with vertex colors
the same with shadless materials
will have… as soon as I solve this problem:
it’s about falling through the floor after saving to runtime, anyone wanting to help is welcome :wink:
Turin Turambar thx for feedback but it simply needs more lighting to serve it’s purpose, it’s an objective demand :wink: