Game Engine Ploygon Count Question.

Hey there!

This is just a normal question, something i want to ask out of pure interest.
Does anyone know what the max amount of polygons should be for a character model within the game engine?

I know it may depend on how powerful your computer is
These are my laptop specs (read off the sticker on the keyboard)
AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual-core processor
TK - 55 (1.8 GHz x 256 KB L2 cache)
Up to 752MB NVIDIA GeForce 7000M turbocache

The reason i’m asking, is that i randomly looking for mesh images from actual Gamecube, PS2, PS3, Xbox games etc…and i found this:
It’s the mesh of the main character from the game “beyonetta”

While i was looking at it, i was wondering…could Blender’s game engine handle that amount of polygons if i made a character with the same sort of mesh detail?


There is no maximum polygon count per se. It really matters more how you are using the polygons. The Blender Game Engine could handle a mesh like that rather well. However, if you try to use that mesh as a physics object, you will get terrible performance. In an actual use case, you would want to make a very low polygon collision mesh and set the physics type on the detailed mesh to “No Collision.”