Game engine suggestion.


Good idea or not? I think so. Maybe there is already something, and I just dont know about it.

For debugging… have an actuator that you can select called “console” then you can have a textbox that you type a variable to be printed to the console, or maybe a dropdown of game properties. This way… you can check your and/or/not’s to make sure they are reaching the actuator correctly.
Things would be printed to the console like… Var: myRandomVar = “Hello” or… GameProperty: myGameProp value of int = 10.

I could personally use it for debugging. Whatcha think?

Yes that would be nice. But it can simply be done with a python script. Just change your controller to a python controller and put in somehting like.

if sensor.isPositive:
print 1
print 0

i offten will set an object to move or rotate. so you can plainly see in the game if the expression comes out true.

True, but you have to create a new script, and or re-write the same script every time you want to get a quick and dirty output.
Also, it gets a bit more complicated to test your conditional operators, since you EITHER use python OR select a condition. If you do allow the condition, then you can test at the actuator by ending the game, or moving an object, etc. Which is kind of a hack job to be honest, lol. You still cant view the values stored in your variables at that point. Well you can, but requires more work.

It would be alot easier to say… (LMouseButton or always or message)–>and–>PrintGameProp… the output would be “GameProp1 value = 10”
Then you could let the game run the pipeline, even through the conditional operators, and output the values.
You could also connect it in addition to the actual actuator, like…
Example: You want a cube to rotate n degrees, depending on a condition. You set everything up. You test it. you see it rotate, but you dont know if the rotation is correct.
You could plug another acuator directly under the “rotate” actuator saying “DegreesOfRotation = 30”

Ehh… at any rate, it sounds like something fun to mess with when im done with the current project. =)

You can use a Python debugger e.g. PyDev. It allows a very good inspecting of the BGE.

I’m being lazy and not reading very closely, so forgive me if this is way off:

What about Game > Show Debug Properties ?