Game Engine Support

Working on a small project?

Need help getting started?

Need models? Code?

I will do what I can,

I would eventually like some more help on my own project,

but if it takes me lifting everyone else up first, and them throwing me down a rope…

I will do that…

So what does everyone need?

Any mechanical systems? maps? models? weapons?
Lets make some freekin games already!!

Are you sure you’re ready to handle an ‘ask me’ thread?

I look at the half-dozen or so threads you made in the last week asking for help with Python, what if the person asking you wants help with a complex Python-based game mechanic (since it looks as if Python is currently one of your main weaknesses)?

I’m not trying to be a downer, but starting one of these threads assumes that the person starting it has a high-level of knowledge and skill in things like modeling and programming and that the same person also has a rather high level of spare time (because chances are you might quickly get swamped with dozens of requests).

Again, I’m just trying to give in advance, what you might encounter in this thread. :slight_smile:

I know a lot about logic, and I can do just about anything with it, already mixingin medium python, there is not a lot I can’t do,
the “component cube” is the core of my game, it just happened to take up far to much python in logic…

but I can make -> -Mario - Resident evil -Flight sims -Puzzle games -Rts

I am just tackling complicated problems in the other threads,

also I have learned by doing, and intend to keep doing that,

are you working on a game? need models? I know your a far better coder then me, but we all can help each other some where.

Don’t say stuff like that… we all have the search button and we know what you can and can’t.
Stick to what you know or learn new stuff, what ever makes you happy.

A lot of ‘problems’ you ask us to solve for you are just basic things you can find with a single google search or just opening the manual/documentation. Decide what you want to do or make and stick to it, ask for help on specific problems you can’t find on the forum, people will then help you and your project will continue.

Dude, I am making my game, wretified, I am also recruiting, and I am learning, and what do you want me to make?

I can make everything on that list, look @ my .blends I have a 3rd person physical walker, that uses procedural animation and rag doll, I have made flight sims, and arcade shooters…

what would you like proof of?

I can do stuff, just becuase you are a little big for your britches, does not mean you should try and knock me down,
python is helpful, which I have been getting help / commentary (just because it works does not mean it is the best way to do it)

People know more then google, here because this is what they do for fun…

if you would like some help with anything you are not good at, I will try,
If I need help I ask for it,

Please, by my friend,and not my enemy…

I am here to collaberate, exchange ideas and grow not engage in a “Pi$$ing contest”

Help me make ai that learns from it’s environment.It would be great for games.Let’s get started.Let’s talk about ai.

Dude, I am making my game, wretified, I am also recruiting, and I am learning, and what do you want me to make?

I can make everything on that list, look @ my .blends I have a 3rd person physical walker, that uses procedural animation and rag doll, I have made flight sims, and arcade shooters…

No dude, you made simple prototypes, not games or demos. I haven’t seen any game made by you or any game that you helped make.
I am using Blender and following this forum since 2004 and you are the only dude doing this much talking and so little working.

3d solar system builder
have you seen the sandbox ai capture the flag contest. they are using python

i gotta figure out how to make randomized levels… like diablo… i know i can figure it out myself, but figured id drop a word.

Sure, learning from a environment would be very very hard, however having path nodes that are flagged for usage once spotted by a vision cone would be easy enough, then you can use an algorithm to find which paths lead to there goal, and decide which one is shortest or fastest,

a Ai’s path does not necessarily mean he is locked on the path, having the path nodes spawn “flags” that the Ai moves after, until it gets close enough, and then spawning another flag ahead of it based on a random offset off each node,

So each “path node” can have a X+ max X- max and Y+ max and Y- max and it will control where a “safe” path is,

then once you have this working, you can add in mechanics like “throwing a ghost” a invisible representation of a jump physic on another collision layer to see if it falls to it’s death etc, when the player is within X distance,

I have heard of ai sandbox before.

I would like to tell the ai what to do via keyboard and have it do it.Have it understand what objects are in it’s environment.I want to teach it.

Josip, I am not your enemy, and again, I don’t know why you attack me…

I am here to solve my problems and others, not make any…

I have had to learn -modeling, -animation, -Fx, -Coding logic, -Coding python

Again, I will make a demo of the piece of candy,

That would require far more time then I have, making a true ai that can understand solving goals, is not possible for me at the moment, allthough I have talked about it, it would require a system that can populate logic nodes based on a semantic memory tree, and then run random simulations using the semantic memory as a bank, until it solves a goal you define for it, eventually understanding what works and why would be like learning,

but again, this would be a thesis paper not a BGE project

I want ai that learns your fighting tactics as you play the multiplayer part of the game.And also can randomly select from fighting tactics that it has learned for each enemy you encounter.

Randomized levels

Build levels out of stock chunks like this

then make a algorithm that “drops” the chunks and if a chunk lands on the ground plane, and target faces don’t collide like “doorway” it deletes it, and if they don’t land on the “ground plane” it deletes it,

so like random Tetris with a different goal

you could have change in Z height for the “ground plane” but it would be easier to have a stock lowest dimension and highest, with “door faces” all on the same plane,

I don’t see why that would be a thesis paper and not a bge project.Videogames need better ai i believe.You could do a simple ai and then make it more complex.

What you describe, “understanding” means simulating possibilities, and then using the one that works, however, this is a great idea for AI in time, for now your AI would behave like a drooling child, standing and thinking and not doing,

not great for having it kill you

Now back to random levels


the red faces, when near could “snap” to each other some how,

I can help design the chunks etc, and the base program, but you will have to build your game :slight_smile:

“on collision with ground plane” - Cast ray from face “door location face” if hit other door, get offset of face from origin for both faces, move together

O snap

if not hit “door face” delete,
of not hit “ground plane” delete