Game Engine Test- Mini Game(sort of)

I wasnt sure I wanted to put this in the game engine forum, since its not really a game project or anything. This is a little test I put to gether with the game engine.
Its sort of a game, control with the arrow keys.
1You can pass through walls, so stick to the roads
2You can float in midair, so stick to the roads(where this applies)
3 I tried applying pysics to the main object, but ran into problems like
A Strange fillping
B Wierd rolling
C Annoying Jittering


Ive been screwing with the GE for only a couple of days, so its nothing grand, but all feedbakc, comments, links, wutever, wanted.

downloading now… the screenshot looks good, i’ll look at what you’ve done and maybe post ideas on how to fix the problems

ok, my suggestions:
turn on ‘bounds’ for the vehicle and set it to box (this will make the rigid body work)
turn on ‘bounds’ for the walls and set to ‘static triangle mesh’
on the car:
turn on actor, dynamic, rigid body
change foreward and back from dloc to force (should be third box, i’d try values of 50 and -50)
change left and right to angV or torque

optional: mess with anisotropic friction and fh

-that’s only what I’d do, I’m no ge expert so you should experiment alot on your own

btw, nice texture job on the vehicle, I like it’s style… even though it’s not exactly photoreal or anything

Thanks for the advice, Ill work on that, And post what I come up with here. Your help is much appreciated.
And yeah, its not photoreal or anything, ill be working on the vehicle some more…

ha! Thanks, that worked perfectly! Didnt know what those bounds were for…

Update! Thanks to Jesse The MId, Ive got a fairly interesting little thing going on. Added some jumps, plus the new physics settings, Check it out!

Ill upload the game soon, my uploading site is down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: