Game engine water

Is it possible to make water for the game engine that will react to other meshes when they fall into it. If so could someone tell me were to find out how to do this. Im still a noob at this so any help would be much appreciated.

Its not easily possible, maybe you could use normal maps + video textures or similar but I’ve not seen it done yet.

Maybe you could add a plane with the animated splash texture which fades out to the rims slightly above the water. I never tried it myself but maybe it will do the trick.


maybe you could use a subdivided plane with video textures,normal map and softbody to simulate waves

It depends on the reaction you are looking for.

If you want waves spreading out it won’t happen without some clever trickery. If all you want is to have a splash effect then it’s easy. Use a splash object and the add object actuator. Yo Frankie does it.

check out Yo Frankie! water. they did it really well.

Thanks for the reply’s that does look pretty good was kinda hopping to use water to move stuff