Game Engine

how can i reset the settings to the game engine. i am working with a colision and everytime i move something around to change the colision it resets the object and not the game engine itself. im more than sure this can be answered simpily i just need a little help.

as much as i’d like to help, I don’t quite understand the question, can you explain in more detail? thanks.

well… ill try. I am useing the game engine for colisions (using actors). I have placed all of my objects where i want them to be in space, and ran the game engine to observe the collision. Now i want to move one of my objects (a tube) to a different location so i can see the changes in the collision. But every time i move it, and run the engine again, it replaces the object to its previous location (the first location i ran the engine at).
As some what of an update. i moved the object around edit mode and it stayed in place but i would perfer my object center to remain in the center of the object. hopefully this clarifies the question. if not ill try to upload some pictures when i get back to my blending computer.

how about posting this in the game engine forum?

and it’s probably cause it has a ipo

select the object you want to move and split the window and make one of the man ipo window then select all the little things and delete them

Yes seems like an IPO problem. do you have record to IPO enabled? if yes, all the game objects will have their movement recorded. The option can be toggled under the game engine menu at the top of the screen.