Game executable crashes and burns

…so, when it was busy crashing, I looked at the secondary window and typed up the error message, which reads as below:

Warning! bundled python not found and is expected on this platform.
<if you built with CMake: ‘install’ target may have not been built>

I am well aware that python is required for blender, particularly blender games, and I have four different versions of it installed on my computer. I am using Blender 2.57 and I have two versions of python 2 and the latest versions of python 3. I doubt I need all of them…but I used to be using blender 2.49 and 2.56.

What must I do?

as i know, blender 2.4x need a proper python 2.6 installation, while blender 2.57 comes with python 3.1 installed.

try to reinstall the latest blender from, if blender 2.4 isn running well, install python 2.6 ( not 2.7 i guess!!)

by the way, wich OS?

seems to be windows. All necessary dll. files will be needed at executable position.
copy the whole python 2.6 (blender 2.4) and the dlls. into the folder of the executable and give that a try… by the way: is it possible to create just a link to the path?

I don’t know. I do have a bunch of dlls that were created automatically in the folder that I saved the game in. What do you mean by blender 2.4?

That warning should go as it’s really not helpful for the player. That is a warning that is simply saying that it can’t find Python in the same spot it expects the bundled Python for Blender (2.57/python/lib). However, having the lib folder alongside the player is all that is needed for the player in Windows. For Linux you’ll probably just want to copy the whole 2.57 folder for now.

I’ll see if I can figure it out. It worked just fine with 2.49.