Game Export Missing Components

After hair-pulling and nocturnal living, I finally can come to say my game has come to a finish. I’ve selected the add-on to export as suggested, and packed all of my files. I cleaned all the trouble I encountered through tutorials except this last one.
Problem is, when I play the game, it is fine. But when I open the stand-alone file, Some objects are missing and I can’t move or do anything.

MY export:

Please inform me of your knowledge, I’m getting desperate.
Cheers -Celestial Reap

Do you also run into issues when running your game through the Blenderplayer? You can test this by using the Start button in the Standalone Player panel in the Render settings. The external and internal players have some slight differences, and I suspect modifiers are causing your current issues.

I got a similar problem with not being able to move at all when creating a .exe (no modifiers used)
On my own PC it works, but if a friend tries it, he can’t control anything it looks like it just freezes up.

Internal and standalone works how it should be(on my PC).
my .exe was created with V2.77.

Make sure that if you’re linking files/textures that all paths are relative and included in the same folder as the .exe (or same folder structure)