game export

how can I export game to any other format then blender ( i mean exe or shockwave etc… something where people dont need to install blender)?
i make a simple game with rigged character, he can walk in a small village, but when I save runtime (and add needed libraries) it does not work, there is mess with character vertices, and vertices are everywhere (no nice working character like in blender when i use P key). can this be solved?

Yeah, sure.

Goto the File Menu, it’s “Save Runtime”. If you do this on a windows machine, you get an exe - likewise the Mac & Linux variants, not an exe, but an executable program all the same.

On windows, you need zlib.dll & something else in the same folder as the exe for it to work.

i made this, but it does not work, character rig is broken, something is wrong with it. in blender works it ok, but if save as runtime armature seems not working. maybe some bug :frowning:

what system are you using, maybe send the .blend file to see if something can be done

go to every keyframe and then press I and select rotation,location,scale…
This might fix it for you, please do it to a test file, not your original.

still does not works :frowning:
look at picture

is possible that game engine does not supports inverse kinematics? if yes, why it works in blender and not in export as runtime ? it seems like some bug. it makes 2.44 and 2.45 too.