game for android and iphone?

if i worked towards making a game in blender, upon completion would i be able to sell it on android and iphone? without using any service that would take a large percentage of any profits

For iOS games you’d have to go through the Apple app store unless you wanted to severely limit your audience to jailbroken iphones/ipod touches and to the small subset of that audience who know about your app and to the subset of that audience who actually trust you to install it without just getting a pirated version instead.

right, i know that but can i put blender games onto the app stores for android and ios?

Try Unity 3D…there is an Iphone app option…same for Android…

i really dont want to have to pay a large fee for the license, i would already have to pay a third of earnings to the app store… if i can do it with blender, i would much prefer that.