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Hello everyone.

I have been doing games for over 4 years. I did 3d animation and I have started a couple of project but never finished them.

to be honest, I do not think I am a newbie that much but I want to work with newbies to help them in game development.

If we get any members, atleast one we will be doing some game development. We are going to start small, ping pong maybe, and then we are going to work our way to the top. My dream is to make my own game engine and make an MMORPG with it. if you are not an MMORPG fan that doesn’t stop you from joining because we are going to learn everything, Strategy games, RPGs, FPS, MMO’s and puzzle games and racing games and GTA style games.

I am wanting to recruite member with all levels of state so if you are a beginner or a professional or never done a game before, you can still join.

we will be covering other softwares to make our games. we will be creating games using YoYo game maker and blender 3D GE. we will eventually be making our own game engine, but don’t worry if you are not intrested in coding because there are lots of other fields you can be.

There are 3 different classes. so if you think you are ready to start coding or you know coding then you can join class 2 or 3.

If you would like to join please post some details about your self in the introduction section too.

How is this different from blender? Well this is like a company and you will be working in project from the classes. I want to make as much as we can and also document them so every one could learn from them. You will be working in a team so it will be less boring and there would always be some one that would push you forward to actually complete the game.

Retro world

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