Game material problems

I’m working on a short game involving a female character. I seem to be having a problem with the texture and materials. Her dress should have a flowery pattern from the image i imported in the project. As you can see her dress is the default colour (same problem wth her hair). Whats confusing is her skin texture is showing fine. Is there a setting I’m forgetting to check. I’ve made sure I’ve selected GLSL and tried different formats with my images but no success. Could anybody suggest anything please

many thanks


Hey there…I’ve also had the same problem.please check the following:

  1. Make sure the images are packed.
  2. From the attached picture it seems you have a model that was imported from make human…so I recommend pack your images as copies.
    3.if you have the pictures on an external drive, make sure you atleast have them on your internal drive because blender might forget the source file.
  3. If you have texture painted the dress…make sure you save the image and data block.

Hope it helps

Seems to work, thanks for the quick reply