Game Model: Void Destroyer - Frigate Class Ship

I’m currently working as freelancew on an indie game called Void Destroyer, It’s a tactical space combat game being developed in Orge. Here’s the Outsider Frigate class ship. Blender and Photoshop, with the images taken directly from Blenders viewport in GLSL mode. 2048 Diffuse, Spec and Emissive maps.

The game is well into development and well worth checking out!

Pretty nice model, have you been inspired with Homeworld?

Homeworld, Freespace, EvE and a fair few others, I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan.

Neat designs, they look quite simple model-wise, but the detail and polish of the textures really pull them though.
Always been a big fan of the Eve/Freelancer type games as well.

Thanks AD, Texturing is something I find myself enjoying the most, it could be more to do with it being easier with a design/photoshop background,lol.